5 Boat design software for professionals

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5 Boat design software for professionals
Boat design software


Fusion 360 is boat design software for personal use Fusion 360 for personal use is a limited free version that includes basic functionality and can be renewed on a 3-year basis. Compare features and functionality between Fusion 360 for personal use and Fusion 360 below. Fusion 360 for personal, hobby use Free CAD + CAM software for individuals who are doing hobby, non-commercial design, and manufacturing projects. Free for qualified hobbyist users Get started Standard design and 3D modeling tools Limited CAM functionality: 2 & 3-axis milling Adaptive clearing Turning FFF additive manufacturing Water jet, laser cutter, plasma cutter Single user data management only: 10 active and editable Fusion 360  documents, unlimited inactive documents View only public share links Commenting, markups Limited electronics and PCB design: 2 schematics 2 layers 80cm2 board area Limited 2D documentation and drawings: Single sheet support and print only Forum support only Local rendering only Export file types: *.3mf, *.f3d, *.f3z, *.fbx, *.iam, *.ipt, *.obj, *.skp, *.smt, *.step, *.stl, *.stp Import file types: *.123dx, *.3mf, *.dxfs, *.f3d, *.f3z, *.fbx, *.ige, *.iges, *.igs, *.obj, *.ste, *.step, *.stp Free – for qualified hobbyist users Get started to Boat design software

3DBoatDesign  Finally A Professional Boat Design Software Package That Has Been Made With You In Mind….”  Frustrated with Expensive, Hard to Use and Cumbersome Boat Design software? So were we… ** Check our special offer on 3D Boat Design ** “And nearly 191,080 (and counting) design professionals who are now executing their design ideas with the ease and accuracy they need, and without the headache…” 3DBoatDesign™ has been created with you in mind. It offers you a professional, fully detailed high performance CAD Software Package that gives increased freedom in modeling knuckle lines, allows surfaces that can contain holes and lets you build even the most complex shapes that can be created with just one surface.  By using subdivision surfaces you gain more flexibility and the advantages can only truly be appreciated once you start to use it. We hate ‘Outdated’ software, especially all the hidden charges that make you pay for it again, and again, and again… This is why we have made 3DBoatDesign PAY ONCE software. You will always get 100% FREE updates / upgrades. When we release a new update we will let you know via our email newsletter. You can then simply log into your secure members area and download it for FREE…Even in 5 years time…and Boat design software

Bearboat SP  The program is for designing and building custom kayaks and canoes. BearboatSP evolved from BearboatPro and much of the program is identical. Major changes include more powerful stability evaluation tools, an improved method for specifying the deck profile in Sideview, and more convenient ways to both start a new design and return to work on older designs. John Winters’ KAPER analysis has been added. Designs previously created in BearboatPro can be opened in BearboatSP and will be automatically converted to the new format that is used for BearboatSP designs. The current version of BearboatSP is not compatible with the old PowerPC chip on the Macintosh side. If you only have an old PowerPC Mac (non-Intel Mac), then you can use BearboatPro or, as a better choice, you can use the last version of BearboatSP that was capable of running on the PowerPC chip. It is available on the left panel. It will see no further upgrades or bug fixes. There is some new functionality of BearboatSP under a Menu called Tweak. This part of the code is under active development and might be considered to still be in beta. I have used it, but it is not extensively tested. The manual describes some of its use. A manual for BearboatSP has been posted. It is available for download as a PDF (see left panel). It will be seeing changes over the next few months as more documentation is created. Please report bugs. The more “reproducible” they are, the easier to fix. If you have ideas of how BearboatSP could be improved, drop me an email. (rlivingston@me.com) BearboatSP© is free and can be shared with friends. This is non-commercial software. This software is capable of assisting in the design of canoes and other small craft and Boat design software

AutoShip  For vessel design Operations Autoship Systems Corporation provides shipping companies and terminals with stowage planning and management solutions (SPS) that improve cargo handling efficiencies and fully integrate planning operations into the real-time logistics chain. Vessel crews further benefit from our type approved, highly accurate hydrostatics and stability engine, Autoload. Design Our suite of marine engineering software offers an integrated approach for every step of the CAD/CAM process from generating hull lines right through to the nesting of parts. We offer a complete and integrated software solution for any size of shipyard. Our products are in use by thousands of marine businesses on every continent around the world. Construction The Autostructure group includes Autostructure for vessel structure modelling and Production Manager for nesting and other production support. It is a comprehensive yet easy to use set of programs for internal structure design. Autostructure is an integral component of our complete CAD/CAM suite, and includes an interface with material management software. Support We have been providing comprehensive training, maintenance and service packages to our customers for over 40 years. Our CAD/CAM design product customers are able to purchase off-the-shelf, ‘shrink-wrap’ software with standardized service packages; however, each shipping management solution is unique, and each requires tailored training and support

ActCAD  for boat design Multithreading capabilities We at ActCAD believe good CAD systems should be available to everyone. Fully Functional 2D & 3D CAD System
ActCAD provides all the functionality found in industry leading products. Many large industries like architecture, civil, mechanical, electrical, automotive etc. have switched to ActCAD and use ActCAD for their large projects. Large User Base ActCAD has a user base of over 10,000 happy users spread across 88 countries worldover. ActCAD is used by individuals, small & medium & large corporates for everyday use on small to very large projects. Flexible License Types ActCAD offers Key Based License, Network Floating License, USB Dongle License, Internet Live License, OEM License, Corporate License Easy To Use and Easy to Learn ActCAD has a simple user interface that is familiar to all CAD users. Users are supported by tutorial videos that are accessible from within ActCAD


FREE!ship is a surface modeling program for designing ships yachts and boats. Subdivision surfaces are used rather than NURBS to give the designer the freedom to design ANY desired hullshape. Unfold surfaces, panel based hydrostatics, various exp formats

Sailcut CAD Sailcut CAD specializes in boat design and with its intuitive design anyone can take a shot at boat building.

PolyCAD is a lightweight software application that facilitates a professional workspace and advanced tools to help you create and design 3D boat models. It doesn’t require installation.

FREE!ship is a surface modeling program for designing ships yachts and boats. Subdivision surfaces are used rather than NURBS to give the designer the freedom to design ANY desired hullshape. Unfold surfaces, panel based hydrostatics, various exp formats. Turn ideas into a 3D design with this easy-to-use online 3D modeling software. Start for free with a complete set of tools including real-time rendering and models library. Dec 15, 2010 Download our free Hull Designer, a simple, interactive, visual 3-d hull design Windows program for modeling and developing panels for hard chine construction. Find Center of Buoyancy, Center of Lateral Area, Length Waterline, and righting moment (pitched or heeled) among other calculations.


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